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Issues with Old Tasmota Version

The problem likely lies in outdated Tasmota versions, such as 6.3.0. In comparison to newer versions, they exhibit several deficiencies that may lead to app crashes:

  • The JSON lacks the DeviceName, containing only the Friendly-Name. Tasmota would interpret this as an "empty" device name.
  • The firmware version is provided only as a numerical value without specifying the Build Type, e.g., 6.3.0 compared to 10.1.1 (Tasmota-lite).
  • The recognized output presents as "Power1" instead of just "Power," as newer devices with only one output do.

Issues with Pro Purchase

No, we haven't received any reports from other customers that the app "forgets" the Pro purchase.

Yes, even in case of reinstallations or changing devices, it should always be possible to restore a previous purchase. The Pro status is bound to the Apple ID, and we receive the status from Apple.

Please try the "Restore Purchase" option. Make sure to be signed in on your iPhone with the same Apple ID used for the purchase.

We currently cannot imagine that this is an issue with the app since this is the standard procedure and has been carried out successfully many times, including by many other users – so far without any problems.

If the purchase is not bound to the correct Apple ID, this is a matter that needs to be addressed with Apple Support.

Past purchases should also be displayed in the Apple account.