The Tasmota Tasmotrol Smarthome App

The Tasmota Tasmotrol Smartphone App

    Tasmotrol provides full control

With Tasmotrol you can control your Tasmota devices, which are integrated in your network, comfortably from your SmartPhones. Control your smart light bulbs and change the colour at the touch of a button. With the Tasmotrol smartphone app you can control all processes in your home without the risk of your sensitive data being transmitted over the internet.
The Tasmotrol smartphone app is currently focused on the most popular Tasmota devices (sockets, lamps and LED strips), but also work with many other Tasmota devices. The support for other Tasmota devices in Tasmotrol apps will be continuously extended.

    The advantages of the Tasmotrol Smartphone App at a glance

  •     Manage multiple Tasmota devices in a single dashboard control center.
  •     Switch devices on / off, change brightness or color of lamps and view energy consumption (if supported by the device).
  •     Easy to add devices: Tasmotrol scans your network for supported devices - no more searching for IP addresses.
  •     No MQTT server needed - Tasmotrol communicates directly with your devices.
  •     No cloud, no registration, no ads - all your data stays with you on your own network!
  •     Available for Apple iPhone and Google Android

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