What is Tasmota?

Tasmota is a free software

Tasmota is a free software / firmware that makes it possible to operate SmartHome devices and solutions without connecting them to a cloud. Tasmota offers devices based on the ESP8266 chip the possibility to install new firmware on these devices in order to operate them afterwards without cloud-based communication via the internet.
Tasmota was first introduced by Theo Arends in January 2017 and is designed to integrate smart devices into any SmartHome solution for maximum flexibility and security. Tasmota simplifies the control of all SmartHome devices and connects them under a single solution. The whole thing happens without intransparent software, such as many manufacturers from Asia use. The source code of the Tasmota software is accessible to everyone and a broad community stands behind the project, so that in the future all kinds of devices can be operated with a uniform firmware for which they themselves were never intended - all this without security concerns and without access to a foreign cloud.

What does Tasmota mean?

Tasmota actually means Theo-Arends-Sonoff-MQTT-OTA and thus immediately gives a hint about the developer and purpose of this firmware.

What is the ESP8266 chip?

The ESP8266 chip is used by many manufacturers for the development of devices that are operated in a smart network.
Many, low-cost smart home solutions use ESP8266 chips to implement and develop their smart home devices. These can be WLAN sockets, thermostats and almost any other possible device. Tasmota can be used on many devices that use this chip.

The advantages of Tasmota

Tasmota does not require a vulnerable controller with an non-transparent operator cloud. By flashing the firmware, Tasmota offers unimagined flexibility for operating different devices in one's own private network. Tasmota supports control via web browser or via systems such as HUE, WeMo or NodeRed and is thus a real, flexible all-rounder in the area of SmartHome connection, integration and control. Tasmota offers so much flexibility and integration that even digital assistants (e.g. Amazon Alexe or Google Home) can be natively connected.

Continuous further development

Tasmota is constantly being developed. While in the beginning only Sonoff devices could be controlled, today a multitude of smart devices can be operated with Tasmota. A constantly growing community helps on the internet with the development and integration of other devices / manufacturers / chips and sensors, so that Tasmota remains the most secure and flexible solution for your smart home.

Simplicity / Security

Tasmota is quite easy to use via various smart systems. To give you full, secure access to your smart home, we have developed the Tasmotrol smartphone app for you, because a central smartphone app was still missing in the Tasmota universe.
For this purpose we have developed the Tasmotrol App - it allows you to operate all your Tamota devices centrally under a uniform interface on your smartphone.

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