Devices supported by Tasmota

Tasmota and the Tasmotrol Smartphone App support a wide range of devices for integration into your SmartHome. Get creative and enable your individual solution for your SmartHome project via Tasmota and the Tasmotrol Smartphone App. Here you will find a list of device types and their functions that can be flexibly integrated. Due to the constantly growing community, there will be more and more device types in the future.

Smart sockets

Smart sockets like the Gosund SP1 can not only reliably control the flow of electricity to the connected devices, they can now also measure power consumption and thus provide you with an overview of the actual power consumption of your devices. There are now a variety of models with and without USB ports. USB ports can be switched on and off individually with Tasmota. Outdoor sockets such as the Brennstuhl Connect are also on the market today. This socket, for example, comes with IP44 protection and can be used outdoors.  Control your smart Tasmota sockets with Tasmotrol without the risk of a cloud-based solution.

Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs for use in normal ceiling, wall or floor lamps are also integrated into the smart network and controlled via Tasmota. These bulbs are normally screwed into the socket of your lamp and then controlled via Tasmotrol smartphone app. These smart light bulbs can be switched on and off with Tasmotrol, dimmed or color changed - depending on the device support.
Tasmota with Tasmotrol gives you full control over your light without the need for a HUB like Phillips HUE.

Controller for LED strips

Another light-based solution for a smart home. The controllers are controlled via the SmartHome and give the LED strips the commands to switch on and off as well as change color. With LED strips, you can set unobtrusive accents in your home. These strips can be concealed and even retrofitted to a television like a backlight or ambient light. With Tasmota and Tasmotrol, you can reliably control these controllers and enjoy the play of colours at home without having to worry about what happens to your data in a cloud-based solution.

Aroma lamps

There are a variety of devices that can be controlled via a SmartHome. One of them is aroma diffusers, which can be filled with essential oils and improve the room air with these oils and a higher humidity via a nebuliser. Via Tasmota you can switch these devices on and off and - depending on the equipment - control the lamps of the diffuser with different colours. Enjoy fulfilled room fragrance, simply and safely - with Tasmota and the Tasmotrol smartphone app.

Controllers and sensors

A multitude of electronic controllers and sensors can be controlled via a SmartHome today. You are creative and would like to retrofit the electric shutters with light sensors, for example, so that the shutters are automatically opened when the sun rises? With Tasmota and a variety of supported controllers and sensors, this is no problem. With your own initiative and creativity, you can use these components to create an automation of some processes and procedures entirely according to your ideas and integrate and control them easily with Tasmota and the Tasmotrol Control App.

A comprehensive list of devices supported by Tasmota firmware can be found here:

The Tasmotrol smartphone apps are currently focused on the most popular Tasmota devices (sockets, lamps and LED strips), but also work with many other Tasmota devices. The support for other Tasmota devices in Tasmotrol Apps will be extended continuously.

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